Has The Colour Pink Lost Its Femininity?

Hitherto, the colour pink has been seen as something exclusively for the female gender, and a no-go for guys. It has been seen as the single most effeminate colour for ages, even though people like American rapper, Cam’ron Giles used to wear it back then. It was unique because he was one of the few men who did.

pink1 pink

But lately, it seems the colour is gradually losing it’s femininity and more men are getting with the trend of wearing pink. The strange thing isn’t particularly about wearing the colour, it’s the fact that nobody calls you names anymore for wearing pink, or try to make you feel emasculated. A few might still call you names, but then again people will call you names for pretty much anything these days.

Here are a few other pictures of men who rocked pink with pizzazz and totally killed it too.

pink6 pink5 pink4 pink2

 So for now what I can say is….




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