Agya Koo And Other Kumawood Stars Named For Being Difficult To Work With


In every working environment problems occur among people. It’s the same in the movie industry even though we don’t often hear of such problems.

A lot of Kumawood stars have been tagged as rude, arrogant and unprofessional but the accusers have proved none of these allegations. Movie producer and director, Frank Fiifi Garbin, has named some renowned Kumawood stars he has had a tough time working with.

In a chat with Abrantepa on Radio Univers, the Kumawood producer mentioned the likes of Vivian Jill Lawrence, Agya Koo, Kyeiwaa, Bishop Bernard Nyarko and Emelia Brobbey as stars he has had misunderstandings with.



“A lot of things happen on set. Those who know me can testify that I say things the way they are.

I’m the only one who has had a lot of issues with most of the top stars in the country.

Any problem that happens on set should be settled there. After that particular location, everything should be over so that we all come back together as family but some people take it beyond the set and that is the problem.

There is noway you be on set without stepping on someone’s toe or another stepping on your toe but the most important thing is the work being done well.”

He continued, “the misunderstanding comes between the technical people and the artiste because film making is technical. So the technical man works on his aspect and the actor also works on the artistic aspect of the film. “

“So after both have done their part for the final product to be released, its then that the actors will come and complain that they didn’t act this portion in the film forgetting that side was left for the technical man to make it possible for the film to be complete”, Frank Garbin added.

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Picture of Emilia Brobbey and Agya Koo




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