Messi To Quit International Football


The 29-year-old forward made the decision after missing the penalty in the Copa Americano Centenario final shoot-out against Chile.

After breaking into tears after the game Messi said he is to quit playing international football . In an interview after the game, he said :


‘That’s it, It’s over for me with the national team, he explained.

‘it’s not for me. That’s four finals. The decision has been made, I think so.

[Winning] is what I wanted the most. It didn’t come. ‘I think that’s it. That’s how I feel now, what I think. It’s great sadness. It hurts not to be a champion’



Apparently him deciding to quit playing international football rather seems to be a disappointment to his fans. Missing a penalty isn’t as terrible as giving up on your nation altogether. But there is hope that he will reverse his decision.




Sergio Arguero revealed that other players are considering that option and Javier Mascherano  happens to be one of them.

Javier Mascherano of Argentina
Javier Mascherano of Argentina