How Ghanaian Girls Ask If You Have A Car

Over the years, Ghanaian girls have coined various ways and means to ask guys if they have cars. Some are straight corny, others are funny, and some are just downright silly. One thing they all have in common, though, is the fact that they surprisingly work and they get to know your vehicular status. Lmao. Here are a few of them

“Do you drive?”

This is as ambiguous as ambiguous gets, and we use that to our advantage. Even though guys usually understand what girls mean by this, we still stall and ask silly questions like, “Are you asking if I can drive?”. Some even go to the extent of showing you their drivers license even when they know damn well what she’s trying to ask.


“Where did you park?”

Excuse me, madam, I met you just 15 minutes ago. I most definitely did not tell you I had a car. Don’t you see how good my shoes look? I wore them for a reason; so people can compliment them everywhere I’m going because I do a lot of walking.  Come and let’s go to the junction for taxi wor hor.


“I don’t want you to get mad and hit me with your car oo”

LOL, like this is a thing normal people do. Just ask your question and go.


“Text me when you get home, I don’t want you to drive and talk”

Man just said he was going home and with her ever-superior intuition, she decided to assume that meant he was driving. Ghana girls hmm.


“I love that song, how does it sound in your car speakers?”

“Let’s go for a drive”

This is sexy and enticing when you have a car, but when you don’t, and she says something like this, You’re just like..


Ladies, just do us a favour and go straight to the point, we don’t need to rack our brains to understand a question we are going to answer in the negative anyway. Thank you.


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