6 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

Being an entrepreneur can be tiring and stressful especially for individuals who are new to the scene. Thankfully, there are others who’ve been through the struggle before us, made it, and have provided resources to enable you reach the heights that they and other greats have soared. Here’s a list of books that give great ideas on how to handle the challenges that may come your way in the course of chasing your entrepreneurship dreams.
The Startup Playbook: Secrets of the Fastest-Growing Startups From Their Founding Entrepreneurs by David Kidder

The Startup Playbook

The title spells it all out. The book contains a wide array of lessons that you need to equip yourself with and entrepreneurial experiences. Sharing insights from 41 different founders, The Startup Playbook covers everything from leadership lessons to finding one’s niche.


Creative Confidence by Tom and David Kelly

I’d recommend this for those who don’t see the creative in them. This book will help you set free your inner creativity, even if you think it’s an area you might be lacking. Definitely a must-read for entrepreneurs.


The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

The Slight Edge

The Slight Edge philosophy is based on doing little things which, done consistently over time, add up to the big accomplishments. This is a great book for entrepreneurs because it shows you how doing the little, seemingly insignificant stuff continuously is key to improvement and success.


Zero to One: Notes On Startups, or How to Build the Future by Peter Thiel


This bestseller is specifically aimed towards the start-up community as it offers invaluable advice on what to consider and what to avoid before moving forward with your ideas. Also, the author offers personal philosophies on business, which will motivate the reader think of better ways of addressing issues and help them generate new ideas they may not have considered before.


To Sell Is Human by Daniel Pink

Even if you don’t consider yourself a “sales person,” all entrepreneurs need to understand how to sell. This book breaks down the stigmas attached to salesmanship and shows you simple strategies for swaying people your way. It’s a fantastic read.


Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration by Ed Catmull

Creativity, Inc
This book is a must read for any business leader, not just the entrepreneur. It is filled with valuable insights about what creates, drives and sustains innovative culture and compels a company to attempt what no other company has done. The book offers remarkable lessons that only a CEO would know.






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