What You Need To Know About Sugar Daddies

So you’ve decided to get yourself a sugar daddy. Now that’s understandable, I wont judge. I totally get that most females have a legion of needs they want fulfilled and more often than not don’t have the means to. However, the truth is there are many sides to the sugar daddies you see the other girls sucking up to. So before you make that bold step towards attaining your dreams of having a sugar daddy, lets have a nice talk about them.



The Talkers


It will surprise you to know that there are sugar daddies whose main aim is not sex. I can almost hear you thinking they are hopelessly sterile. Nope, make another guess. These men are usually burdened with the throes of having a nagging wife and need somebody to offload on. They usually don’t want sex from you but it doesn’t rule out the possibility that they might ever want to get down like that.


The Fetish Gods


The crazy ones. You must have a lot of tether for these kind of men because they will not fail to keep your legs suspended mid-air for hours on end because it’s their fantasy. Expect sexual dominance at its peak and a lot of pain just to please your sugar daddy but there is a plus: they compensate heavily and gladly for such barbarism. You can demand whatever and at whatever time, you’d have it.


The Little Boys


These men are just cute, and sweet for that matter. They want to please you so much they refuse to grow. You’d find them going clubbing, dressing young and being abreast with things your age. Your presence in their life brings them a sense of youthfulness. There will still be frequent sex sessions regardless.


Aside all this you should remember that most sugar daddies will not leave their wives for you. You must know that conversations with most of them will be based on sex and tales of their sexual agility and what you can do to please them. Just keep in mind also the issue of unprotected sex (which they all demand) and all the diseases you can contract from that.

old balls


We’re done here. The ball is in your court now, choose wisely or don’t at all.