The Connected Vagina: 4 Feminine Health Apps You Totally Need

You don’t particularly need to have one to attest to the complexity of the vagina.  Each one demands care and attention and sometimes it can get difficult to give it the full attention it needs. Trust me, I understand. Life gets busy and once it does, it’s almost always much busier down below. So to the girls who’ve been wondering how to mange their vaginal affairs in this busy life of strife, here are some apps to take the load off your hands.

Eve by Glow

This is a personal favourite. Eve tracks your period, sexual activity and Pre-Menstrual symptoms in a witty and hilarious way. It also features a positive community of women that talk about things that are totally relatable like sex, promiscuity, love and what not. Eve offers daily quizzes about female sexual health and myth-busters about sex and the female anatomy, so it is a great way of learning about your body in an interesting and fun way.

Sex With Emily Kegel Workout

This app, created by Sex with Emily podcast host Emily Morse, is like a gym-instructor for your pelvic floor muscles. The app offers daily reminders and takes you through easy-to-follow instructional kegel exercises which will ensure that your vaginal muscles remain strong and forever tight. You’ll know because you’ll reap the benefits too.



Happy Playtime

We would all agree that female sexuality is what people are most curious about, but yet most reluctant to talk about. It’s whispered in low tones in the shadows like it is taboo. The site (the app world was simply not ready for this one) aims to eliminate stigma on female sexual health and particularly masturbation through instructional games on masturbation and features a community of women who share tips that have helped their masturbatory lives online. It’s a great resource if you’re looking to start or get better at… rewarding yourself. Head over to and you won’t log out the same.


My Pill

Exams should have by now demonstrated to you how frail the brain’s ability to retain can be. You’re sitting there and you can’t remember stuff that you know you read about 30 minutes ago. Your mind is so blank that you might as well not have read. Now imagine if this happened in more important circumstances (yes I said “more important” and you’ll find out why pretty soon).  If it hasn’t happened to you or any one you know, it’s still not too hard to imagine that you forget to take your birth control pills for one day (because if you’re on the pill, missing just one day could spell disaster for you), so consequentially there’s a tiny human growing in your belly now and there’s not much you can do about it. Sounds like the plot of a low budget movie, I know. But it’s possible. That’s what the My Pill app is for, fortunately. Matching a calendar to the day you take you take your first pill, you’ll receive reminders at the same time each day so that remembering to take your pill is not your job anymore. Some rest for your brain. Finally.





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