It’s Official: Tidal Rave 2016 Is On 30th July

You know the theory that  you have to do something consistently 21 times for it to become habit? If you’ve followed Tidal Rave from it’s inception at Cocoloco Beach, through its annual evolution at Muuston Beach and the Tidal Rave Beach House, that theory is probably a lot of nonsense to you because we’re having only our 5th edition and the Tidal Rave beach party is the Ghanaian summer habit, y’know? And I’m not just saying that.

Listen, I recently tried convincing one of my coworkers to join Twitter because she said she didn’t “see the point of Twitter”(imagine!!!). I thought I’d do the good thing and bring the poor soul out of the darkness. I spent a whole 7 minutes of my life that I won’t get back trying to win her over. And I failed. My point is, I realized that Tidal Rave, like Twitter, is one of the things you can’t convince many people to get excited about just by telling them. It’s the kind of thing you have to experience to get enjoy. So I’m not going to sell you any dreams or sell you anything for that matter. I will say that over the pasts 4 years, they’ve had Joey B, El, Shatta Wale, Stonebwoy amongst many others.

I’m just painting a little picture of what you might be missing out on if you decide to stay home all summer and we all know how much of a donkey you usually feel like if you miss an event that everyone was urging you to come to. So that’s all I’m going to leave it at.

I leave it to you to decide for yourself if it’s worth it to be there, but I’m willing to bet you wouldn’t want to be the only one who slacked and missed out. If you haven’t made up your mind by that day, I hope F.O.M.O(fear of missing out) drives you out of home and if you purposely skip out on the biggest beach of the year, you evidently don’t deserve nice things.

The music. The fun. The beach. Water you waiting for?


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