Annoying Facebook Messages You Wish You Could Stop Receiving

Facebook can be a great place to be. Aside the blend of weird posts and inspirational ones, you are assured some of the darnedest messages from people worldwide. I’ve caught myself staring dumbfounded at my phone, too surprised at the kind of messages which come through. As a matter of fact these messages have piled up for quite some time and my dexterous self decided to use them for something more beneficial: I’d share them with you so we can have a great laugh together.


The Ice Breakers

IMG-20160614-WA0016   IMG-20160614-WA0019 IMG-20160614-WA0013

These ones come with “supposedly witty but unnecessary statements”. I mean guy, no one’s forcing you to be funny.


The Kings Of English


Lol. I don’t need to say much with this one.


The Appreciative Ones

IMG-20160615-WA0007 IMG-20160614-WA0015  IMG-20160615-WA0006

No, thanking me does not guarantee a chat.


The Language Barrier Breakers


They are determined to chat with you so bad they forget that their language is not globally accepted.


The Apologetic Ones


People like these refuse to accept your friend request but experience a change of mind when you change your display picture and they start to bear witness of your beauty.


The Cocky ones


Some nerve they have.

I know I’m not the only one who gets such great messages on a daily basis. I’d love to see a couple of yours so feel free to share them with me!




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