This Week In Celebrity: Kwaw Kesse Blasted A Wee Smoker, David Oscar Admitted Knowing He Wasn’t Funny On Laugh A Minute & More

For all those who were literally (and figuratively) living underneath a rock all of last week, here’s the run down on what your favorite celebrities were up to this week.

David Oscar

David Oscar this week felt the need to explain why he wasn’t funny on his show, Laugh A Minute. His reason? Everything was scripted unto a TelePrompTer and his role was simply to present. And honestly I’m not buying it, because I believe even the bleakest, dullest script can be perked up if you’ve got the want to. I’m not saying it’s easy, but given what David was brought into the limelight for, I don’t think a dull script should have been the reason. David, take your L like a champ, maybe?

See: David Oscar Explains Why He Wasn’t Funny On Laugh A Minute


Agya Koo

Agya Koo was barely a week into his marriage when rumors began to work their way into media that he had married his wife Rita for her money and to gain a work permit in the UK. In an on-air interview, he  aggressively denied the rumors, saying that it’s about time Ghanaians stopped trying to ruin people this way. He said she  was a God-fearing woman and sweetly added that this was the woman he was born to marry. 

See details of the wedding here.


Counsellor Lutterodt

The ever-controversial Counsellor George Lutterodt was in the news again this week, claiming  that before he dated and married his wife, he had dated 32 women; all after the age of 27, when he says he started dating, and never once had sex with any of them as to why this was relevant, I don’t know. The general public’s reaction in just one gif?
Because honestly, who cares? we didn’t particularly need that information.


Van Vicker

The actor is currently under fire by the husband of his manager, Dr Clarice Ford-Kulah, who took to social media to announce that his wife was currently in a physical and emotional affair with Van Vicker (what is it with men putting what’s meant to be between them and the Mrs on social media?) and even threatened to have pictures of the two released after catching them in a hotel twice.  Both Van Vicker and his manager have refuted the allegations, calling them “nonsense”, with Dr Ford-Kaluah saying in a statement that due to an accident which has apparently “disrupted his life”, her husband now takes to harassing even the most platonic of her male friends and associates, all of which she has chosen to let slide. Van Vicker, in an interview said that, should the photos be leaked, nothing incriminating would be found.


Kwaw Kesse

Kwaw seems to have made a clean break with drugs after the trouble it landed him in in 2014. This week, the rapper condemned a guy in a picture who appeared to be smoking with a minor( Read his reproach here ). His brief stint in prison mustbhave set him straight. Two years ago, I’d have staked all my millions on a bet that Kwaw would be last on a long list of people most likely to speak out against drugs. You think you know a guy…


Until next week, I’d like to leave you with a picture of Maame Yaa Boafo giving off Okunta-esque vibes because she looked totally cute doing it.

Have a solid week!


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