Data Wars: Which Telco Rules The Ghanaian Scene?

When it comes to data in Ghana right now, there is a rising need for speed coupled with a thirst for reasonable prices (prices the consumers, not internet service providers, think are reasonable). Recent decades have seen  a couple of international big hitters buy real estate in the Ghanaian mobile telecommunication industry. What’s the best these giants have to offer the modern  Ghanaian youth?


Vodafone X

With bundles ranging from 1 ghana cedi to GHC39.99 Vodafone X targets the youth with plans that offer certain deals for the various social networks and social networking apps. People below the age of 18 or above that of 24 cannot subscribe to X but preexisting users who grow past 24 can stay on X. Vodafone X is one of the more affordable mobile data services available in the country currently.




One of the only 4G LTE internet service providers in the country, Surfline has devices ranging from 99 ghana cedis to 289 Ghana cedis with bundles ranging from 0.049 ghana cedis per MB (pay as you go) to 499 ghana cedis. Surfline is the only service provider in Ghana that offers unlimited and uncapped data bundles. It is a little on the pricey side but if you can get past that, it’s a great service.




Another beast with 4G coverage has the best 4Gcoverage from Kasoa to Prampram (or so they claim). With monthly bundles as cheap as 3 Ghana cedis, Busy is a not as expensive as most people conjectured. Buy a data bundle above 5 gb and Busy lets you choose a freebie from their social (WhatsApp or Facebook), entertainment (YouTube or iRokotv), news (citifmonline or myjoyonline) or leisure baskets (free night or weekend browsing).




MTN, one of the oldest networks in Ghana is introducing its new 4G service with promises of improved speeds. You can trade your old SIM card in for a new one once 4G compatibility is confirmed. From 0.10499 ghana cedis Pay As You go to 800 Ghana cedis for 100GB over a month,  MTN is one of the service providers with the widest coverage in Ghana.




With plans from 1 Ghana cedi to 80 Ghana  cedis, Glo just isn’t making  the waves like it once did. They do have affordable night and weekend bundles which are very convenient.




Airtel’s Browse Chaw bundles start from as little as 0.50 Ghana cedis for 10mb to 150 Ghana cedis for 12gb. Browse Chaw also features double data on all bundles you buy above 1 Ghana cedi. Airtel also has the Sika Kookoo bundle which offers 750mb for as little as one ghana cedi for the duration of a day. The sika Kookoo bundle is, however, not available in all regions.



Tigo Tribe

Subscription to the Tigo tribe offers you free social media (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, IMO) every month. Tigo Tribe also gives you back all the data you use on weekdays over the weekend. Subscription to the Tigo Tribe is free and comes with a bonus of 100MB for 7 days.


Each network has their faults, so find one whose faults won’t drive you totally nuts. Let us know which networks you prefer in the comment section below!


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