Vic Mensa Talks About The Trouble His Last Name Caused Him

Vic Mensa

In an interview on Real 92.3, Vic Mensa, the Ghanaian Roc Nation sensation, has disclosed that his surname (Mensa) caused him a lot of trouble growing up.

The musician who loved to play football with his Mexican friends faced a lot of trouble since the name meant ‘foolish’ or ‘stupid’ in Spanish.

He also addressed the allegations that there was a beef between him and Chance The Rapper. “I don’t do my people dirty,” he said. “I just don’t do it. So if somebody was wanting to beef with me, they wouldn’t really have all that much ammo. They would have to start digging and making things up ’cause I just keep it really really really real with my guys and people that I move with, that I do business with. They’ll testify I’m a hunnid.”



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