Kwaw Kesse Chastises A Man For Smoking With A Child

Kwaw Kesse has descended heavily on a man who shared a picture of himself and a minor smoking.
Kwaw Kesse who was infuriated by the picture posted on his Facebook wall

“I don’t know this guy but I heavily condemn this act of influencing this kid to smoke. Somethings are for adults only, nobody is stopping you to get high but pls leave the innocent kid out of this business meant for us adults….. I condemn this act of stupidity, and pray the world do same….. Good Day

Kwaw Kesse was arrested for smoking in public in Kumasi after performing at an event organised by Multimedia’s Luv Fm in 2014. This arrest got Kwaw Kesse to give up his smoking habbit.

Kwaw has since his release been embarking on a project of providing quality of life for inmates.


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