The Secret To Slaying Red Lipstick


Red lips give your look a classy and sexy touch even if you’ve not had a face beat. Red lips can break or make your look so you have to do it well. First thing to know, you have to be bold to be able wear red lipstick.


Moisturize Your Lips.


Moisturizing your lips makes them smooth for the lipstick, when your lips are smooth your matte lipstick doesn’t flake, the colour becomes appealing and stays longer, and the lipstick doesn’t look dry if you have cracked lips. you can moisturize your lips by applying lip balm or petroleum jelly (vaseline).


Use Concealer On The Edges Of Your lips.


Use a brush to blend out your lighter shade of concealer evenly on the edges of your lips. This creates attention to the lips and creates a contrast between the skin and the red lip color. Don’t forget to blend the concealer out to achieve a natural look.


Shape Your Lips With A Lip Liner or Pencil.


Lining your lips gives you a particular working space for you to apply the lipstick and where not to apply. Start with the lip outlines and eventually fill in the lips entirely with liner. You can use a red or nude lip liner.


Apply the lipstick.


Now you can apply the lipstick, either with a brush or directly from the tube. Make sure you get a total coverage of your lips. If you want more dramatic lips, you can add gloss but if you just want a matte look no need to apply gloss.


Remove Excessive Colour.


You can follow all these steps and achieve a flawless look but your lipstick can smudge, or you’ll smile at guy you like for you to later realize you have lipstick on your lips, oops! Don’t panic yet, we can avoid that situation, you can put your index finger in your mouth and pull it out slowly with your mouth still closed or place a tissue between your lips and press your lips to the tissue.


This would prevent the lip color from smearing on your teeth and the corners of your mouth.

This routine actually works for every bold lip colour. You can try it with other colours also. Now go and slay.


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