5 Things You Should Never Do On Snapchat

Establishing itself as one of the best multi-faceted apps at the moment, Snapchat is an entertaining picture sharing as well as IM app. Some people however tend to do what is usually termed “the most” on snapchat. We bring you a list of 8 of these things and why you should never do them on snapchat


Send The Same Snap In Your SnapStory To Someone
You know that feeling when someone treats you nicely and you think they are into you, and then you find out they treat everybody else the same way? Yes! That’s how it feels when someone sends you a picture they posted on their story, seriously, don’t do that. It’s annoying and pointless, It’s ok to block anyone who does this since they want to be childish. (Unless it’s someone you get nudes from regularly)



Giving Your Password To Someone Overseas To Post Snaps For You
This is becoming budding occurrence and I struggle to understand how we allowed it to become a thing, People actually give their snapchat passwords to relatives and friends abroad to take snaps of…wait for it…wait for it. MCDONALDS! Of all places you could ask them to take snaps of. But then again, anyone who can do this isn’t really above asking for only pictures of McDonalds. I’m just happy a lot more people are bashing people who indulge in this because it’s very weird.


Snap While Driving
So this is how you want to die?
“Heyyy look at me driving a car” yeah yeah, we get it, but it’s ok to put your phone down too, its actually  better to put your phone down, no no, put your phone down.  Even snapchat advices you to not do it, and don’t try to be a smartass and argue that cigarette brands do that too. You can always take your snaps when you get where you’re going (well not really but it’s safer).


Taking 5000 Pictures In The Club
Seriously, what is wrong with you?
There’s only one thing people like this are good for on snapchat, and that is wasting your data.  Seriously why do you girls do this? Trust me, we knew you were at Twist the first 50 snaps, you don’t have to post 50 more, and yes, I looked at all of them, because I thought you were going to stop at some point. Silly me.


Blank Screens With A Lot Of Texts
THIS! Is one of the most irritating things ever, somehow there are people who believe we want to take time out of our booty viewing snapchat time to read whole paragraphs. Why are you throwing your life story on snapchat blank screens? You might not know this but no one really cares if you didn’t get Nido and had to use cowbell instead, if you ever wonder what to do with people like this, refer to last sentence of the first point.


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