Top 5 Hilarious Google Search Suggestions

Welcome to the first edition of Top 5 (insert 21st century fox theme song here). In a time where oracles and seers are basically an endangered species we turn to search engines like Google to answer whatever questions we may have. Technology has come such a long way that Google now tries to predict what’s on your mind even before you’re done typing. Here’s a look at some of the most ridiculous times Google failed at reading your mind.



Where To Find Sugar Mummies In Ghana


Google can be so insightful at times. I don’t know how but Google found out how broke I am right now and is trying to show me where to find sugar mummies in Ghana.



How To Raise Your IQ By Eating Gifted Children


Wow! Where do I even start from? The cannibalism thing aside I take offence from this prediction. Google is promoting discrimination against certain age groups. There are gifted adults everywhere who won’t have the pleasure of being eaten because they are just not young enough.



Do Midgets Have Night Vision


Well, Google, do they? I suddenly feel like my specs are in serious need of an upgrade.



Why Isn’t 11 Pronounced Onety One


This is an emergency! Someone please contact the FBI, MI6 or even the BNI (we’re that desperate). We need to put a end to the barbaric “eleven” pronunciation!



Charles Darwin Is My Homeboy


Oh yeah and he came up with his theory of evolution at a night club while he was high on some high grade kush.


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