4 Reasons You Did Not Get The Internship And How To Avoid Them Next Time.

The long vacation has started and some people are looking for internship opportunities with corporate bodies. You have probably been called for interviews and you have still not been contacted by the organization. These are some possible reasons why you didn’t get the job.


You didn’t research on the company

Employers usually like potential employees that have enough knowledge about the company and the position you’re going for. Getting caught off guard when thrown a question about the company may have gotten you a red card.

When going for a job interview you have to research thoroughly about the company, important roles that are played in the company and their values if you know these things when you are asked for what you can do to better the values of the company you wouldn’t be found wanting. You can get such information on the company website at the “About” section. If the company has been in the news about major accomplishments, you can find out information about it and talk about it, it’s surely a way to impress the interviewer.


You didn’t seem passionate about the company

You probably made the interviewer think you are only looking for the position because you are not really interested in the job but you only applied because you are required to do your internship during the vacation. You should be able to tell the interviewer why you want to work in that company and convey passion in your answer when asked.

When preparing for an interview think about what attracts you to the company, whether it is the values of the company, the success or even an employee you admire.


You didn’t sell yourself.

This could be another reason why you weren’t given the job. You weren’t able to convince the interviewer about what you are capable of doing and what you can do to bring a positive change into the company.

You must use the interview as an opportunity to show how awesome you really are. You must be able to highlight your skills and strengths and link them to the position you want this would impress the interviewers because you have told them why the company should hire you.


Weak or No follow up

After your interview you probably did not send a thank you email to the company or you did send but it wasn’t well done.

A follow up email should be sent to the company within 24 to 72 hours. This note should not only say thank you, but why you should be given the job. It’s not just a polite gesture, it’s mandatory.


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