Ladies, Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Side-Boo

Having multiple partners is not as difficult or terrible as they want you to think. And by them I mean men. I mean whoever said men were the only ones allowed to practice polygamy or any poly- in relationships?

This is hardly a battle of who will be better at the game, neither is it your regular write-up screaming ‘what men can do, women can do better”. It’s an expansion on the good feels associated with having that raunchy multidimensional relationship one person cannot give you. The kind I know you’ve been fantasizing about for so long; the pros of being extremely naughty and feeling absolutely great about it. Here are 7 reasons why you need to get yourself a side boo.




He is doing it anyway! Your main  has about three girls he is knacking and probably thinking of adding one more to the ever increasing list. What’s the harm in doing it too? I mean we are trashing gender roles so there shouldn’t be any other reason why you won’t do this, unless you are genuinely not interested.


It’s Thrilling


There’s nothing like the rush of adrenaline that accompanies an affair. That addiction to another male you keep telling yourself you can quit but you know otherwise. Ironically the fact that you are indulging in an act this dangerous is  enough to quicken your heart a couple of beats faster than its normal rate and that is a surefire way to keep fit. Who doesn’t want an easy work out?


Reducing Pressure On Bae


As long as you really love your main you will definitely be considerate when it comes  to your  costly girly need. That’s the more reason why you must have them and that’s when your side boo comes to play. Let’s talk gifts, the attention you need when main boo is busy and sometimes when you need a little more sex and he is tired. It’s all the extra you can get from that extra you have on the side. If you love bae, you are going to give him less pressure and find a side to cast your burdens onto.


Saves The Relationship


Good relationships these days are hard to find without having all these deal breakers? I mean if he treats you right and makes you happy, you shouldn’t let a trivial thing like another girl be the reason you leave him. You are the only one who loses because she gets to have him now. If you have your own side-boo, you get to cancel out any issues infidelity might bring. Now go on and enjoy the love and attention from bae.




Variety is indeed the spice of life. It’s definitely a reason why you should go for that sexy hunk you’ve been eyeing up. It could even be an issue of  having a couple more on speed dial and switching ’em up from time to time. Just like a box of chocolates which almost every girl loves you’d have that array of masculinity to choose from and that’s a bonus. Our needs change and it is important to have at your disposal different people to fulfill those. Your side-boo is there so you don’t have to get the same number of inches every night. Spice things up, make sure your side-boo is different from bae in ways that make your life more spicy.


So there you have it. Did I forget something? Let me know. If you need more help, leave your inquiries in the comments below. As you can see, I’m here to give you all the help you need to have a great life *wink*





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