7 Mistakes Guys Make In Relationships

Guys are usually clueless about how their relationships end because, let’s face it, the ladies never really tell us. So I’m here to help. These are a few of the reasons why your relationships don’t go the way you want.



1.Being too possessive

In the initial days of a relationship, a woman might find it sweet that her man wants her all to himself, but that’s about how much possessiveness she can tolerate. Remember that everyone values their freedom above everything else. She is not your personal robot whose remote control is in your hands. You’d bore your woman when you attempt to control what she wears, where she goes, who her friends should be, and so on. When you play a twenty questions game with her about where she was and who she was meeting, you’ll soon find that you’re playing that game by yourself!



2.Trying to get between they and their friends

Especially early on in the dating game, talking negatively about the people we love will be a serious turn-off. If it’s a choice between you, the guy we’ve only known for a few months, and our friends, who we’ve cherished for years, you’re going to lose. You, when did you come? And don’t even try to instigate an argument between them and us with some insinuating line like, “I really cant understand why you’re bored Naa bought the heels before you” We’re just going to pretend we didn’t hear you.


3.Lying to her

Don’t lie. She will find out. This breaks her trust and brings birth to suspicion and paranoia. Besides, before asking she probably already knows.


4. Letting her make all the plans

Women secretly dislike men who aren’t capable of taking the initiative. Skirting all the decisions and having her make them just shows that you lack a spine. So make the decisions and have her follow them. She too needs to live by your rules once in a while.

Every woman wants a courageous, practical and brave person..they need a man who can Think Independently who can lead her life successfully we wants that kind of person


5. Taking her for granted

In order to keep the relationship alive, you have continuously do what you used to do in the initial stages of the relationship. One of the biggest mistakes made by men is that they get too comfortable with their women once they start going steady. Going steady doesn’t mean becoming placid. So if you have stopped taking your girl out on dates or have begun ignoring your appearance then you have also started slipping on her love meter. If you’re fond of your girl then show it. Always keeps that fire burning.


6. Always initiating sex

Now, as a man you should take the initiative outside the bedroom. However, when it comes to sex, it really should be an equal game. Initiating sex is not something that you alone are supposed to do. Coax her into getting her freak on once in a while. She may even discover a roaring sensuality she never knew she had.


7. Telling her you love her much too often

These three little words can easily lose their magic and consequently their meaning, if they are used too frequently. Yes, women love to hear it, but its overuse will jade even the most demanding of romantics. Save it for the rarest of occasions and make her beg for them.




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