Why You Will Not See Her This Vacation

If you have made any plans with any Uni girl for the vac, just know that there is 95% chance that none of those plans will come to fruition. (100% if she appeared eager about it because that’s always their ploy to throw you off).

Over the years, boys have continuously made plans to hang out with girls, from level 100 through to 400, if you managed to get browned from level 100 to 400 without detecting the scam, then you deserved it anyway.

They cook up a whole lot of excuses when  really, it’s just because they can’t come out because of curfews.  The Bosschick status must be maintained, and I respect that.

Others too just make up their mind to not see you, it’s so sad most of these guys can’t take a hint, of course she wasn’t really busy babysitting her auntie’s neighbour’s son, she was out with the guy she actually likes (I wish there was a better way to put it) but please. Stop pestering her my guy, if she really wanted to see you, she would.

Some of the other excuses they give are.


“My mum went to a funeral  so I had to take care of the house”



“I had a surgery on my Adam’s apple”



“I had a problem with my phone” (This is when she blocks you on all platforms because you dey bore and she’s explaining to you at school why you couldn’t reach, while you carry her suitcases to her  room)



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