6 Things You Have To Do When You Can’t Sleep

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You know those nights when you wish you could just knock yourself out into a coma for a few hours but sleep is nowhere to be found? Those ones where you have tried every possible trick to fall asleep so you are on the verge of losing it? Well the solution is to give up and find stuff to do that will make your time awake exciting instead of just a collection of minutes where you’re are trying unsuccessfully to fall asleep. Here are 6 awesome ideas for how to spend your insomnia-riddled night.


1. Wake Everyone Else Up
One of the most self-gratifying thing you can do when you are unable to sleep is to get others to join you. Get into the kitchen and knock so saucepans together. If they are not waking up drop one. You can pretend to be sleepwalking if someone storms into the kitchen in anger.


2. Call Your Ex
If you are unable to sleep, there is not tangible reason why your ex should be snoring their night away. Call their phone till they wake and pick up. Stay on the phone till you are sure they are wide awake and then tell them you are sleepy. You can repeat that a few more times till they figure it out, then you move to the next ex.


3. Raid The Fridge
Food is necessary in these trying times. Whatever edible catering you can find in the fridge at that hour belongs to you. Rule number 1: Never admit you were responsible for the raid.


4. Count Sheep
I know a lot of people use this trick to fall asleep but as we established in the beginning, this insomnia is not the type where you can swerve with numbers and livestock. The point of counting sheep here is to see how many sheep you can really count until you get bored enough to want to stand on your head. I’d genuinely like to know.


5. Rip Through Snapstories
There is this unusual thing with snapchat where snapstories load like Usain Bolt at night. Also, you don’t want people figuring out exactly what time you checked their snapstory and that is easy when they are awake. Get in there and get up to date with everyone’s day in the most covert way possible.


6. Text Your Supervisor
Finally, a good thing can come out of this insomnia. Text your supervisor (boss or lecturer) about an assignment you’re working on to create the impression you were up busy with it in the late hours of the night. Everybody loves a hard worker. In case you haven’t figured it out, you don’t really have to do the work, you just have to send the text gives the impression you are doing the work.


Honourable Mention

Thanks to the Amazing people at Vodafone X, we finally have a package for us night owls who can’t sleep. It is called In-wait-for-it-somnia!

The Vodafone X insomnia package gives you the opportunity to enjoy the other side on the otherside of the day. Get up to 5.5 GB of data at night and 1.5 GB data during the day to keep you active. With this package you might not need any of these previous six steps. Oh wait! You need it for snapchat ūüôā


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