What To Look For In A Side Chick

The side chick concept has been a trending topic for quite some time now. Men and women have come to see it as the natural order now that it has come to stay. It has been very advantageous for guys, most of all, as it totally eliminates the friends with benefits agenda and merges it with #SiezeTheBae20XX. The best of both worlds for the world of men; a copped woman and an adoring fan base to boot. If you’re a guy hoping to get the next side or a girl looking to avoid it, take a look at these five things to look for in your next squeeze.


Zero relations to previous or past friends
Find you a mate you most certainly know doesn’t have a clue who your friends are. A friend of a friend of a friend is just some baggage you don’t want on your plate. One slip and it’s in girls’ circles and boys boys confabs. It is next to impossible to find someone like that when you’ve lived in the same area all your life. The next best thing is to find a woman who keeps herself to herself. For the ladies, if a guy begins asking, ‘do you know ….?’, it’s not just a conversation starter, it’s a 007 operation you might just end up enjoying after, or regretting.


Distance from your house, school or immediate current girlfriend (if any)
If you’re just beginning to find your feet in the enterprise, you should know that a side and a main should be as two like magnet poles, forever repelling each other. It is very likely to bump into each other in town or in other public places. If I were you (which I’m not by the way) I would find a way to keep them apart, whether visiting them in their homes or taking them to common yet subtle places like Bella Roma or the popular Coco Lounge in their off seasons (someone thought it through huh).


Social Media Affiliation

Social media (the place where this will end up with my head on a plate haha) is the most powerful tool for movement of information. Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, the great apps of our time for disseminating information among the youth. A side chick or man who uses social media to show affection as well as slander can be your ruin. Once activities begin to engage the subject matter, any social media stuff can only spread the information of your side jobs right back to your main (if you have any that is). After that, it’s bye Felicia!


Willingly accepting her status
The day the sidechick conversation comes up and she agrees to this arrangement, then you are on the right track to becoming the person you hoped to become.


Long story short, if she has got Snapchat and is the freaky kind…I rest my case.

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