Technology (Social Media) Is Really Screwing With Us…Majorly!

happy young african american uni student using cell phone

happy young african american uni student using cell phone

As much as we all love social media, it gets weird at certain points. I mean it’s great when we connect with each other and what not but the rest of it doesn’t go down so well with me. These are four of the major ways we are letting social media and technology fuck with us.



There’s this new culture of wanting to show social media whatever one is doing at a point, so much so that we forget to bask in the moment. Especially the girls (Especially the girls, no I’m not sexist,  I like girls so much, I have 4 of them as girlfriends), Girls will get a ring and then proceed to take 401 pictures, that’s not the most painful part, because they have to select ONE from the number to use for social, you know how many hours of intimacy that just went away? Yeah, me neither.



(Still on the ladies), why do you lot suddenly find so much to do on your phone when you’re at social events? It’s totally okay to put your phone away for some minutes to dance with me, and no, none of that faux-dexterity, you can’t be on your phone and dance with me, choose between the phone and me (on second thought, don’t, because we both know what the obvious answer is).  Boys just want to dance but technology is messing with our twee like



Yes, this is an actual thing, people stage fights just to take videos for social media, as fun as they are to watch, its disturbing that we have to resort to this for fun because then people get hurt in the process. Not cool guys, not cool at (I dey lie, keep the fight videos coming)



This particular one is very personal for me, because I have been on countless blind dates where my date looked nothing like what I saw in the pictures. Do you know how much it costs to come to Accra Mall from Tsui Bleoo? Don’t waste my time please. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with girls who look like Busta Rhymes, I’m just saying, don’t deceive me with pictures please. Respect yourself.

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