Done With School? These Are 7 Ways To Prepare For Your Graduation


Your 4 year stay on campus just came to an end, after all the long hours at the library, lectures, quizzes, group discussions, excursions, sleepless nights, vacations, internships, long essays or final projects and meeting deadlines of submitting assignments, you are on your way to graduation.

Now, you have been freed from all the academic stress. You have to prepare for one of the important days in our lives as students, which is graduation day. These are some of the things you need to take note of, so you don’t mess up your graduation day which comes once in a lifetime.


Be academically prepared to graduate
Before you think of the graduation ceremony in your school, you have to make sure you have all your documents on point, in fact you are on track to graduate. It will be very unfortunate to find out that your name is not among the list graduands. It might be problems of incomplete projects, deferred courses, resits not taken and issues with authorities, so make sure you don’t have any thing that can prevent you from graduating.


Fill and submit Clearance Form
The clearance form is also the last document one has to get filled, with stamps and signatures of authorities showing that you are really safe and secured to graduate. It mostly contains the confirmation of monies supposed to be paid to different departments, halls and faculties throughout your stay on campus. With a sorted clearance form, a final year student will feel like one of his/her legs is already at the ceremonial grounds.


Get adequate info on graduation gown & graduation process
Information on where to get what for the graduation is normally published on the official university website weeks before the main ceremony itself. One is advised to be updated with how proceedings are going to be like on the graduation day. Arrival of graduands, total number of days graduation will be going on, which faculties, colleges and departments will be graduating on which days and finally where to get your graduation gown or garment. In some institutions, students are requires to pay something small for the medals and gowns that will be given.


Capture the moment; Take A Picture
Since graduation is a very special day in your life, it is always good to take pictures individually, with your year group, course mates or with your family who came to support. This picture can nicely be framed and hanged in your room forever. It gives you that great memory anytime you set an eye on it.


Make sure you receive your original Degree Certificate
Almost all schools do not give out the original certificates to graduating students during the ceremony, considering the number of students who graduate every year. In place of that, scrolls are given out to students as they take their turns to shake hands with dignitaries on stage according the the classes they had. Students must therefore go to their various departments or locate representatives sharing the original copies of the certificates after the main event.


Update your CV or Resume
As you are done with graduation, your status automatically gets changed so the first thing will be for you to update your CV or resume to the level of a graduate, as well as all other certificates you acquired within your 4 year stay on campus.


Start Applying for Jobs
There is no time to waste after school as the rate pf unemployment keeps increasing. Graduation ceremonies normally come when students are doing national service at their various stations. Now that the fun and receiving of certificate is over, it always good to start a job search before national service comes to an end so one cannot be found wanting.

These are a few important things we have to know before attending our graduation ceremonies on campus.


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