Deborah Vanessa Makes A Case For Ghana Jollof In New Single

Deborah Vanessa has, in a new single, made a case for Jollof prepared by Ghanaians as against that by Nigerians.

There has been an unending debate between Ghanaians and Nigerians on twitter and other social media platforms as to which of the countries prepares the best Jollof.

But in her new single, Ghana Jollof, Deborah Vanessa have made a case for Ghana jollof describing it yummy as against Jollof prepared by Nigerians which according to her taste funny.

In the song produced by Kuvie, Sister Deborah described the Nigerian Jollof as extremely whitish.

The ‘Uncle Obama’ hitmaker who described herself as a chef in the music said when she prepares Jollof it draws the boys including Nigerians home and get them licking their fingers but Nigeria Jollof doesnt do same.
Sister Deborah underscored the need for Nigerians to learn how to cook and not compare themselves to Ghanaians.


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