Meet Solid K; Dancehall’s Newest Contender

Although some pundits are pessimistic about the future of Dance-hall music in Ghana, that assertion seems to be challenged each day as new artistes are constantly trooping into the genre and blowing up to become big acts.

The genre seems to be thriving because artistes who have chosen it have over the years been consistent in the production of good tunes for consumption by their fans.

In an industry that is choked and the fittest survives, one needs to work extra hard to be heard and blossom to become a big star and also perform on big stages.

Today on #OnTheRise; We look at one of such talents who is working hard to get a bigger platform. His name is Solid K.


Solid has since childhood loved music and this love has made him sing to various tunes in the bathroom. After singing in the bathroom for years, Solid took his art to the next level when he started recording some five years ago.

His dexterity on the mic is incredible and the energy he exerts into feeding patrons is always over whelming.

Although a Reggae/Dancehall artiste, Solid believes an artiste should not be limited in his/her art and for this reason he sometimes tries his hand on singing and rapping.

The holder of a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and Information Studies from University of Ghana believes that though the music industry is becoming more diverse, it is not friendly to up and coming acts like himself because they are hardly given the platform to be heard.

“its increasingly getting diverse,  genre-wise. with the friendliness to a young upcoming artiste.. I’d say a natural blow-up is near impossible but with the right funding and links we see people getting attention who don’t necessarily cut it when it comes to special talent so no, currently its not friendly at all to a young upcoming artist, your  CDs don’t even get listened to when u submit to a radio station.. among other things.”


In Ghana, some big names in the industry have moved on to becoming bigger artistes by understudying bigger acts.

However, Solid thinks the otherwise. He believes that understudying a bigger artiste is not a guarantee of success for an artiste. He believes an artiste needs to work and go an extra mile with his work in order to make a mark in the industry.

Although a degree holder, Solid says he will pursue his career in music full time.

“full time, I’m all about my music.oh it won’t just sit there, even if it sits there it’ll sit there as an achievement haha. Information Studies and Economics but I’m sure the knowledge acquired has added value to my life, so its all good same way.”


Solid has always relished a collaboration with Damian Marley and Konshens and is hoping and working fervently towards making this dream a reality.

In an industry where funds are needed to get heard,  Solid is however depending on his meagre resources to produce good music for the people of Ghana.

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