5 Appearance Tips For Your Interview



Appearance counts, especially for interviews. How you appear for an interview influences the panel a lot more than we actually think. They don’t only judge by the answers you give to their questions but how you actually put yourself together. You have to create a visual resume too.

Be Comfortable.

First thing to tackle is your comfort, your choice of clothes should be comfortable and must fit you well. If you are uncomfortable, you won’t act your best. When you are uncomfortable your confidence will shake and this will affect the perception the panel has about you. It should be simple as well.


Wear Dark Colours.

There  are certain colours that can give you an edge and there are certain colours that can also get you shown to the door. wear dark colours such as dark grey, brown, black and navy blue. this is because medium to dark colours are business-like, authoritative and conservative. lighter colours are seen as friendly but they lack power. . Ladies can wear a dark-coloured blazer over a blouse. Don’t wear wild and unusual colours you are likely to attract too much attention.


Make-Up Should be Low Key.

Make up and also nail polish should be understated and flattering. Nude shades are generally advisable. Avoid putting on too much make-up on your face, put on a very natural type of make-up.


Have Neat Hair.

Your hair should be neatly trimmed for guys and neatly styled for ladies. You do not want all the directions to be directed at your hair. Avoid flashy hair accessories and jewelry. No complicated hairstyles, you’re supposed to show up polished and corporate but not to exhibit the creativity of your hairstylist.


Iron Your Clothes.

You don’t want to show up shabbily up shabbily for your interview, wearing clothes are that are not ironed is a big turn off. But with our power issues in Ghana, to be on a safer side, iron your clothes days before the day of the interview.


And finally smile! These tips would surely create a great visual resume for yourself and make sure you carry along a hard copy of your CV. Now all the best!



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