Amazing Places To Study In Legon This Exams Season

Every hall in the course of the semester celebrates it’s hall week. Here in Legon, the Vice Chancellor also makes a cameo with his week celebrations; EXAMINATIONS. Tomorrow, he kick starts his week celebrations and for you to enjoy the celebrations with him; you must prepare yourself for it. There are some areas that are ‘no-go areas’ when you want to prepare for your exams and there are areas that you would also cherish. Here, I’m giving you the places you never knew could give you a pass due to the serene atmosphere.



The sight of only two or three students in the graduate room during lecture periods might tend to scare you. During revision weeks, the room is always available for use but the fact that the lecture room is a room for students pursuing their Masters and MPhil makes it a ‘no-go’ for degree students but hey, this is the revision week! Use that room. Maths, Chemistry and Earth Science Department are so suitable.



I know you are reading the first two words again but yes, the kitchen is another place where you can have your peace and study. Those who burn the midnight oil, look no further. The oil you are losing isn’t going to waste. The Kitchens (2nd and 3rd floors) are airy and cozy to study in, just get yourself a table and chair from your room (if you are already in Limann, Kwapong , Sey and Jean Nelson) or from the reading rooms and have some fun.



For all you know, the name didn’t come up due to what guys and girls do over at these areas. It is also a time to show your books some love especially if you are the study group type. Chemistry and Physics departments are the places for you. Your study group gets the chance to relax under the benches and discuss conclusively what you are studying. This is a very effective way of studying and if you’ve never tried studying in groups. Try it and guys, please don’t meet after a football match.



Just some Institutes have libraries where people offering research programs gather some information. During the revision and examination period, these libraries are empty and cool to study in. Wi-fi too dey! The Librarian might be looking at you once in a while besides that you are good to go.



Don’t you feel the A’s approaching you already.


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