OPINION: Why I Stopped Listening To Morning Shows

radio studioFor people like me who are on a path to do some few things that will at least change one life at a time, some other things can hurt. My first advice I give to my audience nowadays when I speak is this, ‘Don’t Listen to Radio’. When I say this I see faces change and a dozen questions coming at me.

Permit me to say that, already it is very difficult to stay motivated in Ghana. The examples to keep you going are few. Reading most news articles from the print media is heart-wrenching on its own. The only advantage is the limits with which words can get you to be upset. That notwithstanding, if you dare tune in to a host of radio stations in the morning, the very first critical hours before a productive day, you may be sorry. Having voices add salt to injury on national issues can just ruin your day.

I mean you can get so demoralized to a point where you might just throw your up your hands in the air and give up. Since I started training myself to put an end to listening to all that noise on radio, I can testify there’s been improvement in my life when it comes to how is feel in the morning. Think about it, what exactly can you do about 99% of the political nonsense spewed between 7:00-10:00am? Why not focus on your inner circle of influence and let your brains have some peace?

Most of you get out of a car in the morning to your workplace and you are already upset by hearing for example; Korle-bu getting $80,000.00 cash donation and yet skipped buying a $20,000.00 heart-bypass accessory device so patients won’t have to go through the trauma of having heparin washed from their blood in the presence of the device only to be shared amongst the top officials.

If you know of any radio station whose morning show is to talk about achievements and motivational stories only, 7-10am so I can smile on my way to work, kindly send me a notice. Until then, just take this advice from me, stop listening to morning shows that sap the energy out of you. Your life will never be the same.


Thanks for reading. Ok. I’m painting. #AFpaints #FirstJuly #LetsPaint


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