Gey Hey Occultism: What Some Old Girls Of The School Are Saying


Earlier this week, there was a report that some twenty-two students have been nabbed at Wesley Girls High School for practicing occultism. Yesterday, a statement by the School’s Board Chairman, Most Rev. Pratt, debunked the allegations and expressed disappointment in media houses who peddled the false story.

Kuulpeeps decided to speak to a few Old Girls of the school to get an idea of how they feel about the whole development. Interestingly, everyone we spoke to us spoke on condition of anonymity..

Three of them felt it was possible for a girl to go to the school with whatever orientation but once at Gey Hey, it was impossible to continue with it.

 When it came out, I was blown out of proportion, and now it has been rectified. I knew it wasn’t true right from the beginning. The environment is so controlled over there that you cant get away with stuff like that for a long time.

You may have come to Gey Hey from whatever background but trust me, the moment you step in Gey Hey, you are indirectly forced to conform with the Gey Hey standards. The standards are what you see in me today–the discipline and orderliness in my life.

When we were in school, I heard our predecessors had an incident of lesbianism, however, it did not last. They were fished out as soon as it happened and punished accordingly. It is Gey Hey, there is no room for stuff like that.

Three Old Girls argued that the perfection at the Cape Coast School made it impossible for anything out of the ordinary to happen.

Look, when we were in school. I sat on one dinning table through out my three years. If at any point, If I was not present, it was easily noticed. That was how perfect the system was! You wont even get the time to do unnecessary stuff like this.

I hear people talk about perfection and how impossible it is to be perfect. See, there is a perfect world, I have been in one and that is Gey Hey. There is no way anyone would go through Gey Hey and be able to practice occultism. There is no space for them.

You may have seen a picture of us in line to the Chapel from the dormitory. That is just a tip of the iceberg. We conform with the time-line to everything the Gey Hey structure has set for us. That is how perfect things get when you are in Gey Hey. I knew this was not true and thank God it has been cleared up.

We noticed the passion with which all these girls talked about their school. Even more, two girls were offended that the school had been maligned in such a manner.

Whoever peddled this false story must be ashamed of himself. How is this even possible? Gey Hey girls don’t even go to town.

See, I was in Gey Hey for three years. Would you believe that I never went out of school to Cape Coast? Interestingly, our doors were always opened but you dare not try! Such an insult to the reputation we have built is unheard of.


Most Rev. Pratt has assured that being a school built on the solid pillars of Jesus Christ, with strong Methodist tenets, the watchful eye of the school authorities and the Board will ensure that at all times the traditional discipline, hard work and moral uprightness that have contributed in no small measure in producing some of the illustrious female leaders in our dear country Ghana and beyond, will not be compromised.


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