5 Things You Do In An Exam Hall When You Know You Are Failing An Exam

Sometimes you get to a point where you feel that it is all lost in the exam hall. You get so frustrated knowing very well that you are failing the paper you are writing and there is little you can do about it. When you are caught in that web, these are some of the things you start doing:

  1. You comment on how good the invigilator is looking. That is the moment you try to score some points with the invigilator because you know very well that you need to be in his good books in case you start acting funny. You start complimenting him even if he looks like this:invigilator
  2. After the compliments, you start looking at faces  around to see if anything  jabs a memory. At that moment, your eye balls start rolling like you have convulsion, all in a search for help somewhere. At this moment, you confuse the invigilator and he starts asking if you need extra paper.exam
  3.  When all seem lost, you start checking the time and hoping for everything to be over soon. The torture becomes intense when everyone is busy writing somethingFears over GCSE exam shake up...File photo dated 10/6/2005 of school exams in progess. Teenagers will no longer be required to sit all their GCSEs after two years of study, under radical plans to break courses into 'bite sized' modules. PA wire
  4. With everyone busy, the invigilator might stop by your desk to see how things are going. Sometimes it is because he is bored and wants something to read or he wants to find out why you are looking at faces. To show that you are doing something, if the exam is math/sciences related, you make up the longest proofs you can possible think of and start getting numbers that you know very well are wrong. Get pi and imaginary numbers into most equations just to pass time. If it is a written exam, you start relating everything to your own life story and try to make sense with it.invigilator1
  5. That very instant, you start calculating the cost of resit, your GPA standing in case you get F and how you are going to deal with it. Half the time, you know you have failed the paper even before you leave the hall and these are amongst the many calculations you start doing in the exam

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