3 Lessons From Odartey Lamptey’s Marriage Crisis

Odartey Lamptey

After three years of battling his divorce in court, Odartey Lamptey says he is still hurting. Kuulpeeps takes a look at the ongoing crisis in the battle between Gloria Lamptey and Odartey Lamptey and what one needs to learn from it as a growing person.

Keep Your Partner Close

In developments towards the divorce, many argued that Odartey was not keeping his wife close during his active soccer days. During his career, he played as a striker from 1990 until 2008 notably for Aston Villa in the UK, PSV Eindhoven in Holland, Coventry City in the UK, Kumasi Asante Kotoko and the Black Stars. Although he has debunked the assertion that he left Gloria Lamptey home everytime he went out, close relatives who came out in 2013 argued that indeed Gloria was not with him most of the time. This may have led to the alleged infidelity.

As we try to build relationships, it is imperative that we keep our partners closer at all times. It is not necessarily a show that we have trust issues but people have needs and when those needs arise, we must be there to help them.

Infidelity Wrecks Everything

Odartey is still hurting, the least said about the state of mind of the three children, the better. If indeed there was an infidelity, everything the family built is on the verge of collapsing. At the moment, the court is yet to decide on how it is going to share properties amongst them.

This should be a lesson for the young people in relationships, if the kitchen is too hot, it is always better to leave than try to find selfish means to sustain yourself to the disregard of others. The point here is that there is always more to cheating than just the sex. In Odartey’s case, a seemingly irreparable emotional trauma for him and the kids.

Public Outcry Doesn’t Solve Anything

The family chose to hang its dirty linen in public. Mockery and disgrace are the two things that came out of that act. Gloria is being touted as an adulterer, Odartey as an impotent man. Everyone knows the kids are not Odartey’s and these are issues that bring emotional instability to people.

For us who are building relationships, we must try as much as possible to keep the information lid of our problems as tight as possible when it pertains to our relationship. Nowhere is cool and spurring your partner’s misdeeds on social media etc does not help to better the relationship in any way.



Odartey Lamptey Bares It All About His Marriage Problems & Court Case

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