I Was Surprised ‘Ye Wo Krom’ Became A Hit Song – Atom

Atom has revealed that he never thought that his hitsingle, Ye wo krom, was going to be a hit in 2015.
According to him, prior to the release of the song in 2015, he had several songs out that weren’t doing well so he never expected Ye wo krom‘s success.
“Before i released Ye wo krom, i had released six good songs earlier but they were not doing well at all so when i brought the song, i thought it was going to be like the others.”
The artiste admits he is incredibly shocked by the patronage although it was late in the year.

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“i was very surprised my song received massive listenership and following although it came in later in the year.”
The artiste indicated that he is working to live up to the hype he is enjoying currently, mentioning that he has released six singles in 2016.


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