Amazing Places To Study In UCC That You Probably Didn’t Know About

It is that time of the semester in the University of Cape Coast where students are ready to account for the semester’ ‘deeds’. This is the time where some Sharks give their friends excuses like ‘I am just giving a book to a friend’ only to be caught at FELT (Faculty of Education Lecture Theatre) seriously reading. Those who will go to the LT’s (Lecture Theater) to sleep and chat throughout the night too cannot be left out. It is time for the end of semester examination and for those of us in the University of Cape Coast I present to you some places you could go and study that you probably did not know existed.

1. Sasakawa Library 

Yes, Sasakawa got a Library, you can call it the school of Agriculture Library, where you can go and study. We only know of the Sasakawa chalets and not a library, well they do have one, and because most students do not know of the library not to talk of going there to study, the place is always quiet and almost empty and hence convenient for reading. Make it a point to study at the Sasakawa library this time around, thank me later.

2. Institute of Education Library

The Institute of Wducation library is also another place you can read for this semester’s examination. Most students do not even know that the institute has a library, because we are used to FELT so much that we forget that the institute of education is right beside FELT the institute’s library.
3. African studies / Communication studies Library

 The African studies department and the Communication studies department share a library. The library is almost empty every day because some students are not even aware that the university offers both programs and hence their library never crosses the minds of students.
4. The summer huts behind Large Lecture Theater

The summer huts behind the large lecture theater are really convenient for learning. The atmosphere as well as the white board where you can write on makes learning interesting and efficient.
5. Under the shades behind the main library

The trees behind the main library offer a shade which is convenient for learning. The most important part is that it’s an open place and hence and all you need is your chair to sit on or better still you can sit on the grass to study.



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