5 Ways To Make Your Relationship Survive Pressures of Exam Week


You probably have started or are about to start your end of semester examination. Often than not, relationships suffer in the run up to exams. Actually, it is very normal; with the pressure to get a better Grade Point Average, coupled reality that you are about to account for the semester’s work, it is expected to take a toll on your relationship. However, there are ways you can make the relationship survive during this period.

Talk to your partner About The Situation

The one thing most relationships lack in these times is talking. It does not hurt to sit your partner down and let him/her know that you need this moment to yourself in order to prepare for the examination. Your partner will certainly understand this and give you the space and time you need.

Keep Talking To Release Stress

Once in while we all need to release stress  amidst the pressures and anticipations. If talking to your partner on phone/text stresses you, then I really don’t know why you are still in the relationship. It is a little selfish to hide out during this period. He/she should be your source of calm  in this time. At any point, try to get in touch through sms or social media, whatever the situation is, you definitely are going to have a little window whiles revising.

Turn Deaf Ears To The Rumors

You two may belong to different worlds, so whiles you may be busy revising, he/she might be doing his own thing with others. Chances are that other students will start talking about the new situation and how he/she is hanging out with someone else. One thing to know is that it is a temporal situation. There is no need worrying your head over it. Let him/her be at this time because everyone has their way of dealing with pressure. In no time, you are going to have him/her to yourself.

No Need Stalking

If you two have had the talk in point one and are still talking as it is in point two, you should know that it is pointless to stalk him/her on social media. Trying to see places he checked in and how his/her TL is not going to help you in any way. If you are in Legon, for example, and you find you find yourself at Evandy with your partner at Jean Nelson, chances are that your partner has found someone around his/her hall that he/she is hanging out/studying with during this period. They might be talking on social media as well. Stalking him/her only worsen your situation. Be yourself and trust him/her.

Get Involved 

The last thing I am touching on is the sense of belongingness and care at this time. It might be that a 7:30 English paper rocker him/her and he/she is down. If you have been staying in touch, you should make the little time to help him/her through this tough time and give him/her hope that all is well. This is something that is going to strengthen your relationship during the exam period.




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