PHOTOS: Central University Excellence Awards 2016 With Bisa Kdei and Bola Ray


After all the heated arguments on social media, the final day for the Central University Excellence Awards was here and we were seated at the Trinity Hall on Miotso Campus for the main event. The awards night started quiet late with an opening performance from Minister Francis Amor. He really turned up the place up with few gospel praises and ended with fast tempo tracks which got all the students on their feet dancing with their handkerchiefs in the air. He nearly overstayed but in all, he did great being the first act.

During the presentation of awards, EIB Network’s boss Bola Ray was given a special award as an alumni of the school. ZoneThree6 was also given the “Best Campus TV Show”. Paa Kwesi Seidu Moro received the most outstanding award which was the “CUC Student of the Year.” This award didn’t come only with a plaque but a cash prize.

The SRC President of the school; Darteh Safia Amor also received the “Most Influential Student Of The Year” award, while some hardworking lecturers also took home some awards. On-campus artistes also took their turns on stage with Young Pabi and Tata Wale killing it the most.

There were spoken word and dance performances as well aside the rapping and singing. The Jazzy Live Band did extremely good with musical interludes in-between the award presentations. The popular tracks they performed were indistinguishable from studio works.

Finally the main act on the bill that we were all waiting for, Bisa Kdei came upstage and killed it back to back. From “Azonto Ghost” to “Brother Brother” to “Mansa”. The program then came to a successful end with smiles on the faces of almost all students with little or no disappointments in the list of winners.

Here are the photos of how the Central University Excellence Awards 2016 went;

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Photo Credit: Kwesi Nocks




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