How To Stack Rings Like A Pro: #StackItRight


Ladies love love LOVE rings! Fashion rings, engagement rings, wedding rings. Any ring really! Women love to show off their wedding rings just to catch attention or to throw shade to their fellow unmarried women- especially if it has got that huge rock! Then suddenly everything you say is accompanied by hand gestures.

ring red

Women love to show off especially when it comes to their rings. And that may the reason for the new trend that seems to be taking over the world – or women’s fingers, to be more precise, and that is STACKING.



Stacking is a new fashion trend where two or more rings are stacked together and worn at the same time, either on one fingers or different fingers, sometimes different hands even, hence the name. People keep coming up with more innovative ways to stack rings, however as a newbie stacker you may be a teeny bit overwhelmed and confused. But not to worry there’s a science and an art to it.


For the middle finger, you are allowed to go crazy and do what it is called the power stack. You can create a little drama with a heavy layering of up to four rings and then top it off with a knuckle ring or a midi ring. This look is daring but it looks great when you pull it off, plus your finger looks totally badass when you flip some… some pancakes *wink wink*



When you move on to the next fingers, it is best to wear something simple to tone down the craziness on the middle finger. The bare look comes out great by a power stack. So you can rock a simple gold band on the ring finger and pinky finger. The two slim gold rings would create an illusion of a golden river running across the two fingers.



If you are stacking on both hands it is a great idea to wear stone rings on the index fingers and slimmer bands on the other fingers to create a mien of symmetry.

Alternatively, if you want to change up the arrangements of your stacks or you want to stack both hands and don’t want to do the same arrangements on both hands, here is a great way to switch things up

ring flamboyant

For the index finger, you can stack one gold band on top of the stone ring and top it with the knuckle ring. Do a similar arrangement on the ring finger, by stacking two rings and topping it with a knuckle ring or midi ring.


Then this time since the middle finger is framed by heavy stacks on each side you can leave it a bit bare so your fingers don’t look “overloaded”. Keep it simple with one or two stacked midi or knuckle rings.

ring gold

For the thumbs and pinky, you need to keep it light by wearing a simple ring or gold band.


Rings will hardly ever go out of fashion. Innovative ways of wearing them and adding to other accessories keep emerging day-after-day. So don’t be afraid to mix metals and experiment to find the look that best works for you. For all you know, you could be the one to start the next fashion trend.


May the odds (and rings) forever be stacked in your favor.





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