5 Types Of Girls You Should Never Date On Campus

Legon, University of Ghana


Relationships on campus are about finding the right person who makes your time on campus worthwhile. It is not all rosy but it shouldn’t take a toll on you either.  As much as possible, try to avoid these types of women:

The Control Freaks

It is one thing if she is talking you into going to the library, doing your dishes and other stuff around. However, when she is trying to control everything around you, you should try as much as possible to avoid her. Uni days are supposed to be the moment you become independent, enjoy some freedom and reflect on life and the future. If that aspect is also going to be fully controlled by a woman, then there is no point in it.

The Designer Freak

The kind of girl who looks for the designer on everything she sees is a potential recipe for disaster in your bank account. On the average, university guys do not have that much to spend on designer clothes, bags and shoes for girls. However, if you believe that you have enough to spend, you may go ahead.

Overly In-secured One

Insecurity is in two folds here; one who relies on compliments to maintain a self esteem and another who thinks everything is about her. As friends, you may realise that she is all about compliments and goes the extra mile to get it from others. Her lady figure is her only source of security and way through tough times. If that be the case, she is not the type to date on campus. Campus is where everything happens and chances are that she is going to go the extra mile to get what she really wants (compliments) from another person.

The Blind To The Good 

Some women turn blind eyes to the good in people. They only talk when when it is about criticizing their man. For a growing person on campus, that is not what you need. You need a balance of compliments when you do the right thing and criticisms when you are wrong. You’ll never feel appreciated under the constant cloud of criticism.

The Selfish Type

She has ambitions, which is a good thing. However, when she starts pulling you along with total disregard for your ambitions and plans, there is no future for you two. It is not going to be the last time she is going to disregard your interest. As such, for your own good, don’t go for her.




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