If You’re A Final Year Student Who Won’t Graduate This Year, Here Are 4 Major Keys


As the second semester comes to a close, level 400 students will be bidding the four corners of their various tertiary institutions goodbye to prepare themselves for National Service.

However, this is the time results of their stewardship for the four years will be collated to determine who graduates with what and who does not graduate.

By this time, most people who will not make the graduation list are aware of this fact and are making plans on how to wrestle the papers they have trailed.

If you can relate, and want to avert any shame because the family has banked its hopes on you, you need to take serious plans to clear the resit papers without it being noticed.

1. You will make arrangements to do your national service very close to campus in order to sneak in to write mid semester exams and other examinations.

2. Make friends with some students who will take the course the coming semester, so that you can get info as to the venue and time for the class is the next move.

3. Identify the teaching assistant for the course who will probably be your mate, so you can narrate your plight and ask for consideration when it comes to issues regarding attendance.

4. Normally if the class is divided, you plan to take the class of the other lecturer you refused to take the first time you were writing. This is done with the believe that the lecturer may be flexible when it comes to dishing out grades.

5. Find a very convincing way to tell your parents that graduation is always boring so you don’t intend to attend and that you will get your certificate later.

Hopefully these will help. For those of you who will be graduating, congratulations and get ready for real world problems.


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