Blakk Rasta Says Ghana Has The Best Marijuana In The World


Ahmed Abubakari, widely known in showbiz circles as Blakk Rasta has indicated that Ghana has the best marijuana in the world and has reiterated the need to legalize it for its commercial value.


Blakk Rasta has over the years advocated for the legalization of marijuana because according to him, it has a huge market base and could help boost the country’s economy.

Speaking in an interview, the former Hitz FM presenter bemoaned the hypocrisy in the leaders of the country because they have legalized drinking of alcohol and have failed to punish people who go about smoking cigarette meanwhile failing to legalize wee which has abundant commercial value.

“They have legalised akpeteshi, the have legalized pito, they have legalized cigarette smoking, my brother if these things have been legalized and they don’t think that people will abuse it but will abuse wee if legalized, then it is nothing but hypocrisy.”

He noted that people in the country have over the years relegated the use of marijuana to just smoking but refuted that assertion adding that marijuana use goes beyond smoking.
“People think when we talk about marijuana then it is smoke smoke smoke but no! Marijuana is bigger than what it has been relegated to. Myself, I have never smoked so why do people think the only value of marijuana is only for smoking.”

The Barrack Obama hit maker indicated that his advocacy for the legalization of marijuana in Ghana was centred on the fact that Ghana has the best marijuana in the world, its medicinal value and the fact that it could also be used for the production of other important materials needed in daily life.


“What we are saying is that legalize it and let’s make medicines out of that for AIDS patients, lets us use it for commercial purposes like producing shoes and dresses which will be of much importance to the country because Ghana has the best marijuana in the world.”

He was however of the view that the legalization of marijuana in the country had delayed because Ghana’s parliamentarians are not competent.

“Marijuana should have been legalized a long time ago if our parliament was up to the task but what do we see? They sit in the parliament and cheer y33y3 to everything that happens there rather than thinking of the welfare of the people they claim to serve.”

He impressed on the public not to look at the bigger picture of how marijuana can be used to ensure that the economy is boosted with its commercial value.


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