Adomaa Talks Music, Growing Up between Ghana And Nigeria, And Love


Adomaa talks about growing up

She was born and raised in Nigeria where she moved around a lot. She had her early years in Northern Nigeria (where Boko Haram has now taken over), then moved to Lagos, Abuja and a few other places. Her dad is a pastor of Winners chapel and was transferred a lot, hence the moving about. The family moved to Ghana permanently where she attended Wesley Girls senior high.


Education and career

After Wesley Girls, she attended Ghana Institute of Journalism where she read communication studies. She moved on to work with Graphic Showbiz, and Viasat One before she quit to pursue music full time. She believes it is important to pursue education in spite of being talented because “education is important, your talent is not running away”


How did she get into music?

“I consider myself a creative, I sing, dance, write articles and paint,so it was quite difficult for me to decide on one thing. I finally chose music because it is my biggest passion”

She was combining music with her job as business and entertainment news researcher at Viasat One till she realized she couldn’t give her best to both so she decided to give her all to music.


What does she think of the music industry in Ghana?

” The industry is not bad, but it can be better. It is very inviting and provides a lot of opportunity. It is also good that the older people in the industry are willing to support new artistes” She appreciates the efforts of M.anifest, Reggie Rockstone, Efia and Stone Bwoy.

She however adds that it is easy to be a one-hit-wonder, which is why apart from talent, an artist needs a good team.



Does she believe hard work pays in the music industry?

She believes that hardwork does pay. Music that did not take much effort to make may be an instant hit but it will fade just as quickly. Even if an artiste earns 50,000 because his substandard music has become a hit, it may only last a few months but an artist who makes good music may earn 2000 but will continue to make money off of it for years.

“People think music is a last option for people who have failed in life but music is serious business. As serious as being a doctor.”


Adomaa talks singing about love and sex

My music is inspired by everyday life, I could leave here and write a song about this interview…people sing so much about love, i think it’s cliche… if there is something about sex worth singing about, I’ll sing about  it.

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