6 Important Things To Do When You Enter An Examination Hall

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The semester is almost ended and students are in a rush to write their examinations and leave campus, but for one to come back next semester and see successful results, these are some few examination tips one needs to take note of, even before you enter the examination hall.


Get All Needed Items Ready: To avoid disturbances, one should get all needed items ready before he or she enters and examination hall. Last minute preparations must be avoided. All examination materials and items that are required should be secured earlier, not forgetting student ID Cards and receipts if necessary.

Show Readiness: As a student you should prepare your mind psychologically fit to face any end of semester examination battle. You have to feel free and not make it seem like you have been forced, because being forced to learn or do something will amount to a poor performance. It is like pouring water into a basket or dabbing a foam on a stencil sheet without ink. The readiness to do an exam is very pertinent to every student. Report ill-health cases to authorities before you enter the hall.

Prevent Panicking: The final and most important thing on your academic calendar is an exam, so you need to pass to secure your mansion in heaven; if all students were likened to the cases of Christians. What I’m implying is, panicking will cause you more harm than good because you can even forget all that you’ve learnt if you don’t gather confidence to write the exam. Also, invigilators might be suspicious of an exam malpractice if they see you panic.

Try To Avoid Distraction: Concentration is very essential when writing an examination. One should try as much as possible to forgo the things can distract him or her. Things like talking to other candidates as the exam in on-going, exchanging of sheets and paying attention to unnecessary fidgeting by others are usually stuff that might distract you during the exam process. Full concentration must be on the paper in-front of you taking into consideration, the duration of the exam and what is expected of you.

Take Short Breaks: Serious learning lasts for two or mostly three hours with 10-20 minutes break as intervals. Just as learning without breaks can cause the brain to overthink, one is supposed to take 30 seconds to at least a minute break once a while when writing an exam. It helps you to skim or go over the examination instructions and what you have written to make sure all overlooked errors are checked and corrected, it also helps the brain refresh itself and not be in rush to crush because overheating an engine will obviously make it break down. When done with the paper, pause and see if everything has been neatly executed before the paper is presented to the invigilator.

Pray: Funny enough, most students pray only when it is examination week. They only remember the Creator at this crucial moment in their lives because they believe that He can intercede on their behalves. On the serious note, praying before and after an exam paper is very important, because the Lord will definitely be on your side and with faith, He can help you conquer all.

Adherence to these few steps, is a sure way one can pass his or her exams. With self-actualization and intrinsic motivation, students can study well and finish hard and to achieve their examination goals.



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