5 Things That Surprisingly Happen In Mixed Schools During WASSCE


Yesterday at Nsawam, Patience Gyamfuah Aseidu, a final year student of Suhum Islamic Girls’ Senior High School was crushed to death when she was crossing the Accra-Kumasi Highway to meet her boyfriend to collect a mobile phone gift.

WASSCE moment in mixed schools is entirely different from their regular days. One would expect students to be more focused on their books but no, often than not, they are busy making the ‘best’ out of the little freedom they have. This is the moment tutors leave them to be themselves with the assumption that they know what is best for themselves. Kuulpeeps brings you five things that happen during WASSCE time in mixed schools:

Dining Hall Drama

Girls who were hitherto shy and probably didn’t rush to dining halls turn to outplay guys during WASSCE time. Final year students are usually left in school alone and that means everyone starts seeing the other as a co-equal. Girls join the dining hall race and literally fight guys over food during this time.

Dormitory Cooking/Gadgets

This is the time girls bring in their utensils to cook in dormitories. Guys also bring in phones, laptops etc to school. For guys, it is show of who has more gadgets at home and for girls, it is a show  of who is the best cook.


In extreme cases and in some schools, girls actually sleepover at boys’ dormitories. Everyone is busy studying so little is said about it. Romance continues in classrooms and other spots on campuses because curfews are not obeyed.

Town Folks Drama

Town folks start picking fights with campus boys over girls either on campus or in town. Boys and Girls have the freedom to skip to town so they become a lot more involved with town folks of wherever their school is. At this time, the tension between town folks and students becomes very high.

Unprescribed Attires Become a Norm

To Show off to the girls that they have more clothes than the school uniforms and white tops, guys pack almost everything from their homes and start wearing them during WASSCE time. Girls also bring out their shots and knickers to show the guys what they have and also to go out when the need arises.

WASSCE moments are moments that define the growing person in a High School. This is the time the teenager gets all the freedom he/she has been yearning for because most tutors leave them to go about their business.




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