Here Are The Top 5 Sites Job Seekers In Ghana Should Be Searching On


Various social media and websites keep springing up everyday, each dedicated to one thing or another. In recent times there has keep an increase in the number of sites dedicated to connecting job seekers and employers. As a job seeker, there are many resources available to you via the internet, whether it is the general sites or the ones dedicated to job seekers. Here are the top 5 sites you should be searching on.


Every professional MUST BE using LinkedIn. It isn’t just an online resume, it is a networking tool and resource you’ll want to get familiar with. It is your portfolio made accessible to everyone in real time and if you use it right; resources and all, you will acquire enough skills in you free time to build an impressive resume that puts you ahead of other job seekers

Around the world, the United nations is one of the most prestigious institutions to work for. And anyone who is bent on pursuing a career there should bookmark this site. Apart from publishing vacancies, the site also offers insight into careers at the United Nations and shares insights and stories from workers from various departments and agencies.

For those searching for internships and volunteer opportunities in different parts of the world, opportunity desk is worth checking out. It features a wide range of opportunities across different professions and countries and is good especially for people interested in travelling around the world to gather experience.

It is the most popular job search site in Ghana and features almost all the vacancies you’ll find on other sites. you can also subscribe to their email notifications and tailor it to your job specifications.


It seems unlike that you will find a job on twitter but everything somehow ends up on Twitter. Many companies and job websites have twitter accounts  so if you are on twitter, you would see notifications of job vacancies being advertised by the companies and the job search sites by way of promoting their brands and sites. You could also communicate directly with the brands and high level persons from those companies via twitter. Besides that, the best place for a potential social media manager is social media; if you manage your personal account well, you could be approached by an institution to manage their social media.



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