Meet Abeiku Jackson: The 15 year old swimmer with 33 Gold Medals Leading The Ghana Swim Team To The Olympics

At 15 years, the biggest concern for most youngsters is grappling with the intricacies of adolescence. That is not the case for Abeiku Gyekye Jackson. At age 15, his most pressing concern is the daunting task of leading the Ghana Swim Team to the XXXI Olympic Games in Rio.



Abey, as he is popularly called, has been swimming since the age of 3 and started competing when he was 5 years. In that period, the young Soul Clinic student has won 33 Gold Medals and 1 silver medal at various international swimming competitions. He currently holds 13 National Swimming Records in Ghana. Swimming seems to be a family heritage. His older brother, Kwesi Abbiw Jackson and younger brother, Kow Asafua Jackson are both competitive swimmers.



So what’s Abey’s secret? It’s the tried and tested combination of hard work, focus, determination that’s fueling his immense talent. He trains six days a week, twice a day, for two hours at a time.

Abeiku Gyekye JACKSON

As the Rio Games draw closer, Abeiku is more dedicated than ever to attain higher heights in swimming. But before his Olympic debut, he will be participating in the GH Dolphins Invitational Swim Open in Accra and the 45th International Schwimmfest in Arnsberg, Germany.


Here is a comprehensive list of Abeiku Gyekye Jackson’s Achievements:



40th International Schwimmfest (Arnsberg, Germany)May 20114 Gold
41st International Schwimmfest (Arnsberg, Germany)May 20124 Gold
42nd International Schwimmfest (Arnsberg, Germany)May 20137 Gold, 1 Silver
43rd International Schwimmfest (Arnsberg, Germany)May 20149 Gold
44th International Schwimmfest (Arnsberg, Germany)May 20159 GOld



2013 Discovery of the Year 2013 (38th SWAG Awards)29 June 2013


National Records

50 M Freestyle100 M Freestyle200 M FreestyleMen’s 400 M Freestyle
50 M Butterfly100 M Butterfly200 M Butterfly
50 M Backstroke100 M Backstroke200 M Backstroke
50 M Breaststroke100 M Breaststroke200 M Breaststroke


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