10 Things All English Literature Students Can Relate To


Being an English Literature student from senior high school to university has taught me a few things. It has shaped my entire life and thought pattern and I used to think I was weird and then I realized there are many other people like me. So here are things many literature students can relate to

Secretly hating that one person in class who actually read all the books and keeps quoting page numbers and paragraphs and acknowledgements

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You know that when you buy a handout, you may never read it, so you borrow a friend’s at the beginning of the semester, read it quickly and make notes



Once in a while, you get panic attacks about what work you can do with your degree apart from being a writer or a teacher



There is always a movie, a book or a song that every word reminds you of



When you finally discovered Sparknotes, you broke down and wept like a baby because you’ve never felt so loved by God



After reading so many books, you are usually the smartest person in a room and you make a good conversation but you find most people boring or uninteresting



Everyone believes you read all the books in your course packet but in reality you watch the movies and read character analyses online



You can argue for days about how Shakespeare is the greatest storyteller ever and compare his works to any contemporary story teller

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You chose to do Literature because you love reading, but you realized too late that reading for fun is way different for reading for marks

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When someone puts random words together to make a poem and you have to spend hours pretending every word was strategically placed to create a mood and imagery… sigh. You end up becoming paranoid and over-analyzing

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