What The Gey Hey ‘Occult’ Scandal Means To Old Girls and Other Stakeholders


Wesley Girls High School has been hit by a scandal. This is by far the biggest scandal to have hit the school because it defeats both the spiritual and moral fabrics of the institution. 22 students were caught practicing occultism and to add salt to injury, they were teaching students that certain moral principles upheld by the Methodist church were totally wrong. In fact, reports suggested that the group had been in existence for over two decades.

We take a look at how this development is going to affect stakeholders of the school such as students, teachers, parents, Methodist Church and Old Girls.

For Parents
For parents, this goes against everything they thought they knew about the school. Mrs. Vida Effie Acquah, who is the Rep. of PTA on the school’s board will be asking so many questions and expecting answers to why and how this was allowed to go on. The school has managed to stay away from such scandals for a long time and it seemed to be working until now. Parents would now have a pool of schools to help their kids to choose from if they want to shape their character and morals the best way. Their first option to training their kids to both academic and moral excellence have been Wesley Girls but most parents would be considering other choices now.

For Old Students
The braggadocios nature of old girls is going to dwindle. For every boastful claim that an Old girl makes, there is the issue of occultism wrapped in all sort of moral indecency that is going to be staring at her. The straight up A’s girl who was thought to be cultured and mannered in ways that suit society is under the spectacle now. For something that has been in existence for two decades, there is no telling which old girl was a part. That is something old girls would have to deal with every time. Both Mrs. F. E. N. Ampratwum and Ms. Nana Yaa Siriboe, who are Reps. of Old Girls’ Association on the school’s board will have explain to the Old Girls why this happened and how best they can curb it.

Methodist Church
Anytime the Methodist Church tries to make a point that it trains kids to be excellent academically and morally, it makes mention of Gey Hey. In fact, most of the Wesley Girls that the church has in other regions are modeled to emulate the almighty Wesley Girls in Cape Coast. Rt. Rev. Nicholas K. Asane, who is the Bishop of the Cape Coast Diocese is yet to speak to the current matter but when a dozen students were caught in lesbianism at Kumasi Wesley Girls, he called on the school to learn from the standards that Cape Coast Gey Hey had set. The current predicament is going to take a toll on the church and it will take sometime for the church to regroup and have confidence whenever it talks about Gey Hey.

Current Students
Much respect was accorded to them, at any point if anyone wanted to speak to the subject of immorality or occultism in High Schools, chances were that the individual would speak about some other schools in Cape Coast but definitely not Gey Hey. Current students would have a  lot of explaining to do to their mates in other schools and parents. With such a topic, there is no getting around it without making a mockery of yourself.

Teaching Staff

Headmistress Mrs. Betty Djokoto and her team have failed to fish out such a terrible happening and certainly they are not happy about the situation. Although the school is yet to met out a punishment to the girls, we are expecting a severe one. The pride with which they used to talk about the school is going to go down a bit. Hopefully some day, this will be a thing of the past for them.


Gey Hey: 22 Caught In Occultism As They Preach That Sexual Immorality Is Not A Sin


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