These Are The 7 Types Of People You Will Find On Instagram

Instagram is the new playground for all the cool and not-so-cool kids and a lot of characters come to play on the social media playform that has given rise and respect to photography. Only those on Instagram appreciate the struggle of whether to post or not to post, when to post and what to post because whether you like it or not, you are creating a perception for yourself out there. So here is a list of the types of people you are bound to see at one point or another on your Instagram.

Wedding Crasher

So you know those people who have about 20 pictures of themselves and 1673 pictures from all the numerous weddings they attend? They post pictures only on weekends of other peoples weddings and the bouquets, if they are lucky to catch it and that is the only reason why their instagram accounts exist; to chronicle all the weddings they attend.


These people are most in need of autocorrect, spell check and all the grammar apps available. Most importantly they need one more minute to read their posts before putting it up.

Popular People’s Unpopular Friend

It is amazing how some people manage to post pictures with the most popular celebrities and yet no one knows who they are and what they do. Haters will say photoshop but…

Hashtag Abuser

Ever seen posts with hashtags that make you wonder what the hell the people were thinking? Some people are serial hashtag abusers who make the weirdest phrases and put a hashtag in front of it or they will accompany one post with 20 billion hashtags

The Pimp/groupies

Some guys always happen to be hanging with not less than 3 very pretty girls in every single one of their posts. On the other side are girls who also manage to always be chilling with one fine/rich/famous brother in every post.

The Chronicler

So far this is the most exasperating group. They post every single detail of their lives from the time they woke to brushing their teeth, taking their bath, preparing breakfast, eating breakfast, doing dishes… you get the drift

The Clown

There are go-to accounts on instagram that are guaranteed to make you laugh every time. They are not necessarily comedians but just funny people or people with funny lives



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