T.B Joshua’s Prophecy: 4 Areas In Ghana Which Are Highly Prone To Terror Attacks

T.B Joshua has warned of an impending attack on Ghana and Nigeria on a Thursday, Friday or a Saturday. He did not state an exact date. Ghana’s Christian Council has said that Ghanaians should ignore the prophecy but at least a little caution will not hurt.

Let’s look at places which are highly prone to attacks in Ghana to help us all to be extra careful if we find ourselves in these places. In compiling this list, we took a cue from recent attacks on neighboring countries (Mali and Ivory Coast), Kenya and Nigeria.

Malls Accra Mall

Malls are the most prone areas to International attacks because half the time, the attacks are to send a message to the Western world. Malls are a major converging area for most Westerners so an attack on a mall sends their message farther than anywhere else.

It is worth noting that the Kenyan attack which killed Ghana’s Prof Kofi Awoonor also happened at  a mall (Westgate).

Plush Hotels


The Mali and Ivory Coast attacks occurred at hotels. It makes sense to have to be extra cautious in hotels where foreigners frequent. As stated earlier, their message goes farther when foreigners (Westerners) are victims of their attacks.




The Prophet highlighted that the attack is going to be at a gathering. The biggest gathering anytime soon is probably the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards at the Accra International Conference Centre on 7th May. AICC is located at the Christiansborg area at Osu and has a 6,000-person capacity. Its closeness to areas as the State House and Sports Stadium makes it highly prone to terror attacks because the effect would be massively felt.

On Campuses


Recently, there was an attack on a Kenyan College. This makes University campuses in Ghana  high risk areas for such attacks. On University campuses, we take a look at major places where students converge. Lets pick the three biggest tertiary campuses in Ghana-UG, UCC and KNUST. On Legon campus, there is the JQB complex, LLT for UCC and CCB and the Natural Resources Auditorium for KNUST. Students converge at these places than any other places on campus.

International schools are also prone to these attacks. These are where sons and daughters of foreigners and affluent people in society go to school.



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