Gey Hey: 22 Caught In Occultism As They Preach That Sexual Immorality Is Not A Sin

Wesley Girls Senior High School in Cape Coast has been hit by a scandal as twenty-two students comprising of mostly  first and second year students have been grabbed by school authorities for practicing occultism.

According to Starr FM, the culprits were grabbed during their ceremony to induct a new leader for the sect as the previous leader who is a resident of Abban House is expected to graduate in June this year.

The report further indicated that occultism in the Methodist school has been in existence for close to two decades with cult members having a special book with various teachings which are totally different from Methodist norms and values .

The teachings in the book totally disregard Methodist morals and values. Some of the teachings suggest that masturbation, lesbianism and pre-marital sex are not sins. 

At the moment, the school is yet to met out punishment to those who were nabbed. They have, however, been handed over to the Methodist Church in Cape Coast to help resolve the matter.


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